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Priape Jockstraps

Priape C-Ring Jockstrap with 3" Waistband

Priape C-Ring Jockstrap with 3" Waistband

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The Priape C-Ring Jockstrap with a 3" Band is the same as their 3" Classic Wide Band jockstrap but includes a cock ring behind the pouch for added lift.  Unlike the Joe Snyder C-ring Jockstrap this C-Ring is not a secondary pouch with a hole but rather a thin band attached to the jock that has two snaps on it to support two different sizes.  If you are searching for a classic looking jockstrap without a baggy pouch, then the Priape Classic Jockstrap is for you.  The shape of the pouch provides natural lift. 

This is an industrial strength athlete€™s jockstrap made of substantial material that anchors itself on your body without cutting into you.  The waist band and leg straps are thick and sturdy.  This is not a light weight fashion jockstrap.  Great for a working man or athlete or someone who is tired of a baggy pouch. It is made to wear on your hips, where most guys like to wear jocks.  

Material: 59% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 10% Rubber, 5% Spandex

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 71-76
Medium 32-34 81-86
Large 36-38 91-96
X-Large 40-42 101-107

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Customer Reviews

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Great Jock for the Gym!

This jock will definitely give you the support and protection you need for working out and for sports. Nothing is going to fall out of this pouch! The wide leg straps do not curl up or ride up on you. Pouch is a bit snug and I would order the larger size if you are between sizes. I am a satisfied customer!


Love these jock straps. The pouch is roomy and the fit is perfect! The sewn in cock ring makes it one of my favorite underwear pieces. This is definitely a "must-have" wether you are usung them for athletics or for a late night shenanigans.

Interesting concept. Suffers from quality issues, runs small.

Started falling apart after just two or three washes. Loose threading everywhere. The c-ring is made of immensely cheap fabric that comes apart easily and can't be stretched very much at all before being damaged. It's kind of awkwardly placed too - when not in use, they don't stay in pouch particularly well, so they kinda dangle between your thighs.

The pouch is fairly sized, but overall the jock was pretty tight for me, the waistband and straps. It's barely wearable. Consider ordering a size up

I really can't recommend it at for the premium pricing it has when there are brands that sell higher quality stuff for similar, even cheaper prices.


Dave's review is right on the nut {bad pun forgive me}
Anyway I have a med issue that is to say I can't let em hang or it hurts.
I have needed to were short then cup then strap until I picked up a pair of these then I reordered more They fit great snug yet good comfert I cut the ring out and it cut clean with no bump left behind. I just wish I had found them sooner

For athletes, this is the jock you’ve been waiting for.

For athletes, this is the jock you’ve been waiting for. PRIAPE’s firm construction holds you up and out.

Most other athletics jocks have so much material that you have to wear them up to your belly button in order to get some lift. But nobody wears them there, thus the saggy pouches that fail you.

PRIAPE pouch is constructed so it is snug behind your balls and keeps them from falling back. There is no baggy pouch between your balls and asshole, where nobody wants their balls to go.

The PRIAPE jock is low-rise. It will be braced firmly and exactly low on your hips. It will not move up nor down. For the many guys today who are starting to grow a pot belly, wearing a jock low on the hips is the only choice.

The PRIAPE pouch is snug. But it’s snugness is more in it’s construction (shape) and is not due to a lack of lateral pouch material. Some team of rocket scientists must have designed this one.

It has no up and down stretch, so nothing can hang down. If you have a short dick it may hold it happily in the up position. If you have a long dick you cannot flatten it against your belly because it is a low rise jock. But it does have lateral stretch (width-wise). So it expands depending on how much you need it to.

If you have a long cock you will have to coil it into the pouch. The PRIAPE jock works like a bra for men by shaping your goods into a mound and holds your balls out in front of you. I would guess it could stretch to accommodate 90% of all men or more. Sorry big guys! They finally made a jock for everyone else on the team.

PRIAPE will hold your dick and balls out in front of you. What I like is that wherever I go, my balls get there before I do!

I was shocked at how hung I looked in it. “Is all that really me?” The pouch looks packed even after an exhausting work-out when my dick is retracted. You don’t need to be half-hard to look like an enviable stud. I don’t have to check and see if everything is arranged so something is showing in an over-sized flimsy pouch. I take my time dressing at the gym, or buttoning-up after the men’s room. I hope as many men as possible see me wearing it.

The PRIAPE does all that I said it does. But the built in elastic cock ring is responsible for about half of the lifting effect. The cock ring attaches behind your balls and goes up around your cock and balls.

At the urinal I simply drop the waist band below my balls. You don’t have to undo anything.

The cock-ring is comfortable for most athletics. If you don’t always want to use the cock-ring, just don’t put yourself through it. Using the cock-ring might not be wise for contact sports, although the bulge would look startling under a wrestling singlet!