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Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig Snout Classic Jock Strap

Nasty Pig Snout Classic Jock Strap

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Inspired by the jockstraps our Dads used to wear. With a 3” waistband and a pouch that has that classic 70’s vibe, this isn’t your average jock - it's a game changer. Whether you wear it playing softball, hardball or handball, get it sweaty and breathe deep.

• Custom Nylon-Spandex-Poly Fabric
• 3-inch shorthand waistband elastic
• Three stripe detail on waistband
• Two stripe detail on leg elastic
• Snout Logo on front, center of waistband

Size Chart

Size Waist Size
S 28 - 30


31 - 33
L 34 - 36
XL 37 - 38
XXL 39 - 40

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