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Flarico Bub Suspensory Medical Jockstrap

Flarico Bub Suspensory Medical Jockstrap

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The Flarico Bub Jockstrap is a medical suspensory typically used after operations affecting the testicles or a hernia operation.  The soft pouch will support your testicles while allowing the penis to hang free through the opening above the pouch and below the waistband.  The waistband is fully adjustable and will fit most waist sizes while fabric has been placed behind the buckle to avoid rubbing against your skin.  The waistband can be shortened by cutting the extra fabric from it.  The leg straps are also completely adjustable in length.

Material: 65% Poly 35% rubber elastic

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Adjustable Waist Size/ Small Pouch 26-52 66-132
Adjustable Waist Size/ Medium Pouch 26-52 66-132
Adjustable Waist Size/ Large Pouch 26-52 66-132
Adjustable Waist Size/ X-Large Pouch 26-52 66-132

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Customer Reviews

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Corporate affairs

I've been wearing these for years. I'm in the corporate world and love wearing this under dress slacks. It is very comfortable and displays an impressive bulge that I don't mind showcasing. It has even helped close a few deals. I would recommend this for everyday wear.


Now days finding and buying a suspensory is becoming more and more difficult with a very
limited selection of styles and manufacturers. Finding a really good fitting good suspensory
which is both comfortable and long lasting is even harder to find. Over the last twelve months I
have searched the Internet worldwide and I have purchased many different makes and types of
suspensories however, all of these in someway still required some personal alterations .

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the Flarica Bub suspensory to be any better than previous purchases
even though it was the most expensive I have bought. I found this suspensory it to be
uncomfortable, poorly manufactured with inferior materials .
The ¾” elastic waistband isn’t strong enough and the oversized 1" buckle on the ¾” waistband
constantly slips and twists. The same applies to the leg straps the buckle adjustments twist and
slip because as with the waistband the 1" buckle is too big for the ¾”straps . The cheap buckle
protective pads are sewn in the wrong position and also at the wrong angle.
The sizing of the pouch is on the small size, fortunately ‘Jock Strap .Co’ advised me of this and
so I bought a size larger. I normally buy size Medium but even the Large size of this suspensory
was rather small for me . The elastic at the top of the pouch is part of the waistband and when
sitting down because it is not strong enough opens wider and squeezes the testicles out of the
pouch making it very uncomfortable. It is my experience that says if there is an elastic waistband
the pouch front gusset should be rigid or one piece. I also had chaffing were the legs are sewn
to the pouch.

I apologize to ‘JockStraps.Com’ for not giving the Flarica Bub suspensory a better review but as
man who has worn a suspensory for 50 years I know how a suspensory support should fit.

Fortunately my wife is good with the sewing machine and is able to modify and rectify the faults
and replace the waistband and buckles etc to suit my needs.

Just one piece of advice to suspensory wearers - make sure the buckle adjusters are plastic when
traveling through airport security.

Benifits of wearing a suspensory

I’m not totally sure the review page was meant to be an open forum promoting the history and benefits of the wearing of a Suspensory Scrotum Support. However, I must endorse the review given by Dave on this subject except there are some variations to the history of these suspensory scrotum supports. It does appear that suspensory’s for men were first
available around the early 1820's and it was produced / invented for the drivers of horse drawn
rigs where the seat was just a wooden plank and the carts /carriages had no suspension. After
along day with his bits banging on the wooden seat the driver was left the with badly bruised,
sore and swollen testicles. The scrotum suspensory was designed to lift and keep the testicles
away from the wooden seat. Of course there are many other stories and uses for a scrotum
suspensory support but there is no evidence that they were originally developed for surgical and
medical procedures. As for use after a vasectomy, they be now used for that purpose but I doubt
if the word vasectomy was even in the vocabulary in the early 1800's

In the early sixties I was deeply involved in martial arts (of the time) and bicycle road racing. My
testicles got a hell of a hammering and felt constantly bruised and tender. My girl friend at this
time ( now my wife of 47 years) worked in a pharmacy warehouse as an introduction to her
future Pharmacists training. Knowing my problem she bought me several various suspensory
scrotum supports to help with my problem. Some of the suspensories at this time were very
inventive. To adjust and lift the pouch there were tapes with eyelets with hooks to the front
section. One suspensory had tapes which separated the testicles and another tape which pulled
tight around the penis stopping the twins from escaping.

Guys, when jumping into your car or truck how long do you take alining your bits before driving
away or when climbing into a small aircraft seat how long do you take embarrassingly and
discretely straightening your bits for a long journey. Just walking and running is more
comfortable when wearing a suspensory support, even just sitting at a desk is more comfortable.
I’ve now been wearing a suspensory support daily for around 50 years and wouldn’t be without
one. Are the sexual - well my wife does have certain favorite suspensory’s

Suspensory jockstraps are great for everyday wear.

Suspensory jockstraps are great for everyday wear. I am sorry to see some suspensory jocks advertised for medical problems. Sure, they are good for that. But that is not what they were originally designed for. They were designed for men who simply had the problem of having balls.

I do not know if suspensory jockstraps preceded regular jockstraps in history or not. But in the late 1800’s they had spread across the nation like a wildfire. General Custer’s suspensory is in a museum from 1865. Under drawers at that time were lose and left a man’s balls hanging horribly helpless especially if riding horseback. No one had invented supportive briefs yet.

When I was young I interviewed my grandpa about what men wore when he was young. Many farmers and outdoorsmen wore suspensory jocks. Army men too into the early 1900’s. With a suspensory your balls are not competing with your penis for location and position. A suspensory holds your balls right where you want them and your cock flops forward. So a suspensory was the best way to keep your nuts up. I believe that suspensory jocks were more common than regular jocks before WW2.

Most men were uncircumcised and were not bothered if their penises rubbed against their clothing. Their foreskins protected their sensitive penis heads from rubbing.

Around WW2 circumcision became the widespread, and men started wearing more regular jockstraps that held their penises inside the pouch to keep them from rubbing. So suspensories gradually got replaced by regular jockstraps. Some guys wore suspensories for daily wear, but put on a gym jock for athletics.

Also, briefs were invented about this time that fit the body better and were beginning to give some support. They sold like wildfire. Men were much more active then and anything to hold your balls up was long awaited for.

I was young in the 1970’s when suspensory jocks were still sold in many stores. I think most guys hid that they wore them, because the look was going out of style. But occasionally you could see a man putting one on in a locker room.

Once I was in a locker room at the Army’s gym, standing naked. I took a new suspensory out of the box and started putting it on. When I pulled the ball pouch up snug on my balls it started giving me a boner. But I still had to adjust the leg straps which took some time. If this happens in a regular jock you can pull it up over your boner and hide it fast. But there was no way to hide my growing boner, and my hands were shaking.

The other guys started noticing, but tried not to stare to be polite. I know everyone wanted to watch. I think they all understood. They know that the same thing could have happened to them. Finally one guy teased me and then several started hooting at me and cheering me on until I got it cinched up and pulled a BIKE over it. I was feeling kind of proud but more embarrassed! My face still gets flushed when I think of that.

Nothing will give your balls lift like a suspensory. I wear them under a regular jock on hard work days for perfect ball organization. Or I wear them under some soft boxers for the joy of having my cock held forward to flop around without my balls suffering.

Give one a try and pretend you are in your grandfather’s day.

The Flarico Bub Suspensory Medical Jockstrap

I have had a few operations in my days and this one was one I used in my younger years, but thru time I was able to go with out one But like all other things time changes, an so did my problems. Well I searched around an could not find one till now on this site, I am no longer in pain, the fit was perfect an I have no worries or embarrassment going to the men's room. Thank You for having these in stock. You have made my life better