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Breedwell HEX Armbands (2 per pack)

Breedwell HEX Armbands (2 per pack)

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Everyday is arm day.  You’re not curling dumbbells at the gym three times a week because it’s good for your complexion. You do it because you are a proud member of the gun club. You got guns and you know how to use them. We know how to make you show them off with these HEX armbands.  

The HEX ARMBANDS are perfect to pair with our  HEX HARNESS and HEX JOCK. They feature a unique raised silicon design so all of the hexagonal shapes look “wet.”

Sold as a pair so you have one for each arm.

Sizing: Measure the circumference of the arm where you will wear the band.

  • TWINK fits 10”- 14” 
  • S/M  fits 12”- 16” 
  • L/XL fits 14”- 18” 
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