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Wolf Athletic

Wolf Jockstrap

Wolf Jockstrap

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The Wolf Jockstrap is a great jock for the price featuring a 3" waistband with tracer stripes and the Wolf label on the front.  The pouch features a double-layer of soft cotton with elastic along the edges.  The elastic 1" leg straps are also covered with a layer of soft cotton fabric.

Made in India
Made of Cotton

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 70-75
Medium 31-33 80-85
Large 34-36 90-90
X-Large 37-38 95-95
XX-Large 39-42 100-105
3XL 43-47 115-120
4XL 48-52 120-125

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great pouch, rough waistband.

The pouch on this one is super comfortable with just enough room for me, and the cotton padded leg straps are a nice touch that makes these feel even better.

However I really don’t like the rough, abrasive waistband material, and it’s managed to cut into my skin. The pouch is sewn over the waistband rather than under, which can let the coarse bottom edge of the waistband rub against the top of my groin. This happened to me and resulted in a cut in my skin after wearing it one day.

It’s a great jockstrap overall, but I ultimately had to retire it just because the waistband became uncomfortable to wear.

Very soft material

Fits too snug for me (I ordered the 4XL and I'm a 52" waist), but the material is very soft

One of the best jockstraps I ever owned.

One of the best jockstraps I ever owned. Comfortable and the waistband hugs tight to the body. It would have been perfect if the leg straps were wider, and if the pouch was woven with more stretch.


This jock is a hidden gem. Let me spread the gospel. Fits perfect. Great waistband, 3" of phenomenal support. Medium size is a perfect fit for a 32" waist, not too constrictive but it ain't going nowhere either! Very comfortable butt straps, wrapped in fabric, they don't cut into you at all. The pouch is great too, perfectly supportive and proportioned. Some may not like the fact that the pouch is regular cotton fabric, not a mesh, but to be honest cotton breathes better than man-made fabrics and it is super soft on your skin. The black version of this jock definitely deserves a place in the Jockstrap Hall of Fame!