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WildmanT Modal Big Boy Pouch Jockstrap Royal Blue

WildmanT Modal Big Boy Pouch Jockstrap Royal Blue

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WildmanT's Big Boy Pouch Jockstrap is now available in soft silky smooth Modal fabric.  This lightweight fabric is so soft on your man parts.   You will feel like you are wearing nothing at all!  Plus, this jock is built for all you Big Boys out there.  No more smashing your boys in your tighty whities.  Our Big Boy Pouch separates your big junk from the rest of your body allowing a natural swing in your step without sticking to your legs and without losing support!  This is truly the answer you have been looking for.  No need to search the internet for "big dick underwear" any longer.  We are your large pouch solution for your big dick needs.  Underwear for hung men.  Look no further!

 Fabric: 96% Rayon Modal 4% Lycra

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 71-76
Medium 31-33 78-84
Large 34-36 86-91
X-Large 37-39 94-99

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