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GIGO Medieval Jockstrap Gelbert Belt DU14

GIGO Medieval Jockstrap Gelbert Belt DU14

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Make a statement with the GIGO Medieval Jockstrap Gelbert Belt.  This unique jockstrap is more of a lingerie piece with all the added straps.  The waistband is 1.5  inches thick.   Two racer stripes appear on the pouch in a "V" shape but only on one half of the pouch. 

This item is discounted due to the leg straps not being tight enough and there not being an o-ring in the back as pictured.  Please note, if the straps around your legs are not tight enough, just loop the leg piece through the O-ring a few times to shorten it.  Also, turn the leg piece so the vertical strap wraps around your leg and raises the opening up your thigh.  Alternatively, remove the leg straps using the snap button and wear as a jockstrap only.  Also, there is no O-ring in the back of the garment like shown in the picture.  **No returns for this clearance item.

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 30-32 60-75
Medium 32-34 75-90
Large 34-36 90-105
X-Large 36-38 105-120
XX-Large 38-40 120-135

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Customer Reviews

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The item I received is a totally different style than what is shown.


Fits weird


They are are cane like in the picture

Useless straps

I got a size small and the jock fits great but the straps just fall no matter what I do and are extremely unflattering. First time buying from this site and extremely disappointed.

We recommend you simply take the loop that runs around your leg and loop it through the O-ring several times to shorten it. It should then stay in place on the leg.

Not as pictured

It was a little disappointing for two reasons;

The first was the riveted attachment for the leg harness to the waistband, the picture shows a metal ring. This means the harness straps are permanently fixed in a 45 degree from the mid point at the back of the waistband. Why bother with the other two rings then?

And second was that when you walk the harness, predictably, rotates to the path of least resistance dropping the “leg holes” to below my knees and turning the harness into pointless resistance bands when you walk.

What might fix this design is another strap that winds around the leg from the opposite direction. This is something I’ll have to add myself.

The rest of the jockstrap was okay, and nothing special.

TLDR: The harness looks good if you position the straps and then don’t move at all. Just like in the photos.