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GBGB Swimmer Jockstrap

GBGB Swimmer Jockstrap

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The GBGB Swimmer Jockstrap is your basic swimmer athletic supporter with a mesh fabric contoured pouch.  This jockstrap features a 1.5" waistband with the GB2 logo on the front.  Complete with extra wide 1 1/4" leg straps which are unique in that they come out from next to the pouch rather than the hip area.  The pouch on this product runs very similar in size to the Barcode Berlin Swim Anton.  There are also a lot of similarities to the Priape Swimmer Jock but the pouch is not as wide as the Priape and the material is not quite as hefty.

Fabric:  70% Polyester; 15% Cotton; 15% Rubber

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 71-76
Medium 31-33 78-84
Large 34-36 86-91
X-Large 37-39 94-99

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Great design, pouch needs work

The leg straps connecting to the pouch on front and back is genius and makes for a much more comfortable fit. However, in this day and age there is no excuse for using cotton and a rough weave in anything marketed for athletic wear, especially for use in the water. Polyester and spandex in either a smooth weave or a mesh would be much better than this. I have actually taken the leg straps off the waist band of some Raw Studio jocks and hand sewn them in to the pouch in the same manner as this jock. It instantly eliminates the pressure point at the waist and iliac crest. If anyone knows about jocks with the design characteristics I described, please let me know.