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Champion Men's Athletic Supporter

Champion Men's Athletic Supporter

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Champion offers a quality athletic supporter with a full 3" waistband.  The Champion Sports jockstrap has a large and wide contoured pouch similar to the Duke brand.  The pouch is soft and feels more like cotton.  This jock features 1" non-curl legstraps.

Material: 58% Rayon; 30% Rubber; 8% Nylon; 4% Polyester
Care instructions: Machine Wash and Dry low temperature
Made in Taiwan

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 26-32 66-81
Medium 32-38 81-96
Large 38-44 96-111
X-Large 44-50 111-127

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pouch ruins otherwise good jock

I wear a jock every day and so have many different ones of all makes. I have had Champion jocks before and they were fine. I thought this waistband looked interesting and although there were negative reviews, I had to try it. Well, the negative reviewers were correct. The pouch is terrible. No give and very tight. If you have an average package or larger, you will be very uncomfortable in this jock. I wore it at home for a few minutes before heading to the gym and had to take it off and wear another one it was so uncomfortable.


I purchased once before with negative results (no review made then) and thought everything was different, so I ordered again (size Large, 38-44). The results are as before except this time it’s in a review. My waist runs between 42-43. Pros: like forward push of pouch, overall concept is good. Cons not practical, wasn’t tested sufficiently, probable rush job; pouch tight, stiff, no stretch or flexability, washing doesn’t help. Waist tight, felt and heard some threads breaking. Had no such problems with other brands

Nice waistband - horrible pouch

Let me preface this review by first saying I've worn a jock every day since college (for over 30 years). As such I have probably 40 or so straps from multiple vendors - Activeman, Bike, SafeTGard, Duke etc. I saw this jock last week and ordered it. When I took it from its' package the first thing I noticed was that the pouch had no/zero elastic give. It was stiff and felt course. While the sides of most jock pouches have rubberized elastic to hold your package this one had none. My first thought was my nuts would wind up working their way out. The mesh was nice but again it is only a piece of fabric with no stretch or give. The mesh is the materiel on the outside and it's been fused with some other fabric on the inside that reminds me of white packing film. I put it on and the waistband was great. I like the softness and the straps are a bit wider then my other jocks - which again felt fine. My entire dislike of this jock deals solely with the pouch. When I had it on, it was so tight and as it's only mesh fabric it doesn't stretch or give. It just felt odd and uncomfortable. And as feared, after about 10 minutes, my nuts were already out of the sides. There is no way I could wear this jock for 8 hours at work under a suit. The first 10 minutes was enough for me.
Overall waistband size = I wear a large jock and I ordered a large. The waist sizing felt fine.

Awesome Jock!!

I am always have been a bike #10 jockstrap wearing guy, thought i'd try another brand. This jock has a tight waistband (not stretchy like safety guard), feels great, the pouch is awesome. It holds everything in place and very comfortable. The straps seems to be wider (not a bad thing), not sure if they are just feels like it. This is an awesome jock to try men, great alternative Vs the Bike 10. I found the sizing to run small. SO men wearing the jock proudly you will not be disappointed.

Very Comfortable, pouch is soft and roomy.

Great jock for daily wear. Roomy pouch for linebacker framed guys like me. The only downside is the waistband tends to roll after a full day of wear, but otherwise a great purchase. Will be ordering more.