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Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin Swimmer Jockstrap Anton

Barcode Berlin Swimmer Jockstrap Anton

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Barcode Berlin Swimmer Jockstrap "Anton" is a stylish jockstrap for swimming or everyday wear.  This jockstrap is different from most in that the leg straps come off of the pouch rather than off the waistband.  Contains a ribbed contour pouch for style and comfort.  Barcode Berlin label appears on the front of the waistband with 3/4" legstraps.

65% polyester, 15% cotton, 20% rubber

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 73-78
Medium 30-32 78-83
Large 32-34 83-88
X-Large 34-36 88-93
XX-Large 36-38 93-98
3XL 40-44 98-103

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

They are great for everyday wear and even underwear, or working out.

Go For It!

Ordered mine some months ago and have worn it consistently, with long hours in total comfort. Support is perfect with just right stretch. I'm a huge fan of the strap design from the pouch. It gives a low ride in back that is unique.
Give this jock a try and you will be satisfied. Be sure to follow sizing instructions.

LOVE it!

I'm with David on this.... very comfortable and hold your cock and balls right where they should be all day... All I have and wear are jockstraps and wear them during waking hours, at work, play, etc.... Love the Barcode brand, especially this one! :-)

I have 4 of these

I have 4 of these jockstraps and it's amazing how they hold your junk right up were they belong. With me having chronic epidimitys my testicles need the support these give us. I wear my jocks all day long as regular underwear and they feel amazing


This strap is a lot of things: bold, cutting edge, sexy, unique, functional, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE! Having normal size equipment, there is just enough room and grip to hold things in place without being squeezed or confined. If you are big down there, you may want to strap up with something else.
I have been wearing jocks as underwear since I was 30, mostly swimmers/joggers. I am enjoying this strap more and more. Either this or a Duke.