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Activeman Elite Jockstrap

Activeman Elite Jockstrap

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While most Activeman jockstraps are classic athletic supporters, the Activeman Elite Jockstrap is best described as classic meets fashion.  Somewhat similar in look to the PPU Orange Jockstrap, this jock consists of a 1 1/4 inch waistband in a solid color (black or white).  The pouch is contoured and accented with a complimentary color.  The pouch is made of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane in order to maintain its contoured shape.  The legstraps meet the waistband and then return back to the pouch giving it a sleek sporty look.  Available in White, Yellow, Red and Black.  If you are looking for a mostly cotton jockstrap to wear as every-day underwear, this one is for you.

Size Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Small 26-32 66-81
Medium 32-36 81-91
Large 36-40 91-101
X-Large 40-44 101-112

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