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Jockstrap Brands

There are many jockstrap brands to choose from in today's market.  Brands tend to fall into 3 categories: Athletic Brands, Fashion Brands and Fetish Brands.

Athletic brands include product types such as athletic supporters which are typically used for sports and physical activities; as well as cup supporters that provide groin protection for high-impact sports.  Popular brands include GYM, McDavid and Duke.

Fetish jockstraps cover a broad range of garments such as jockstraps made of interesting materials such as neoprene, upper body harnesses, masks and more.  Brands include Cellblock 13 from LA, Maskulo from Russia, Locker Gear from Europe, PUMP from Canada, Breedwell from NY, and Nasty Pig.

Fashion jockstraps cover cotton and other underwear-like garments.  These products often feel more like regular underwear based on the material.  Brands include HUNG, Daddy, Papi, Xtremen, JOR, PPU, Male Basics, and more.

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